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01 July 2009 @ 10:49 am
Okay, I am becoming very impatient! I want my paycheck nowww! I feel like I've been waiting ages... It should come in on Friday. I'm feeling a bit nervous at the thought of spending so much money on an iPod. . . What if I drop it? :( What if it just stops working? What if the refurbs aren't as good as Apple says they are?

But those questions are just me having a heart attack. I need an iPod to work out with, for the long car rides, and just for general amusement. I can't talk myself out of it now when I'm so close. I think I'm gonna buy one of the covers to go on the back to absorb shock... as well as one of the cover protector things (the plastic you can fit over the glass on the screen, etc to avoid scratches). I think I'm overreacting here... :) But even so... Yes. Oh well. It's for the best. I just hope I have enough money to purchase a few accesories once the iPod is actually purchased.... O.o